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Revolution and reconstruction - Art critic Dejan Djoric

Well-known, older Belgrade art historian and critic, Pavle Vasic, supported thesis about expressionism as ideal art form for investigation of catastrophic and cataclysmic occurrences and conditions. But, expressionism was historically revolutionary art, and revolutions are moved by youth. Monticello, Van Gogh, Kirrhner, Rottluf, up to neue wilde of 80’s, bring expressionism as a rebellion against habitual order.

In that sense exertion of young artist Sladjana S. Stojanovic is exceptional. She is maybe the last qualitative offspring of one Belgrade scene neoexpressionist wave of 80’s and 90’s, with the difference that we have in front of us a painter who paints incomparably better than most representatives of that revolutionary esthetics. Culture, knowledge, security and faith that she invests in her vibrant models of reality, have placed some serious questions. With her we find that years are not basic when it comes to live art. On the other hand, strength, purity and directness of her sight point out that artist at this time need not turn to modern media to be of current interest. Pure and direct painting, volcano feelings, private rebellion, are today new in relation to fatigueness of the scene. Sladjana S. Stojanovic paints what Van Gogh would paint like in the XXI century, as artist says, primarily out of “emphasize of experience”. Sincerity and purity, non-affectedness, followed by tactics and strategies of painting genesis in one breath and spirit, in one séance, without remains and directly, are today plus qualities because for interactive and performative art knowing how to paint is not needed.

Freshness and great optimism, confidence in painting, make Sladjana S. Stojanovic one of the hopes of revolution and future reconstruction of painting among young people. Her courage and skill to paint figurative, in the age when such knowledge and skill is abandoned, and not to resort to museum tone and later translation of tradition, make her interesting and valuable challenging appearance in our environment. In that sense, work of Sladjana S. Stojanovic already reflects with joy of one indeed cheerful and mature art where time opens its secrets in front of it.

Art critic D. J. Danilov

She transposes freely, unrestrictedly, youthfully into her paintings the world of Belgrade facades, reflections from billboards, graphites and drawings from Belgrade walls. She is a typical urban artist. In the centre of her painting is always a human face, that she treats expressively, in the style of German, “new wild”.
She cares about details, and Niche says that God hides in the detail. Some small details she connects in one whole that keeps them together and reverends.